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The Sweet Fine Artist Studio

10 Week Creative Course (Commencing Wednesday July 3rd)

10 Week Creative Course (Commencing Wednesday July 3rd)

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Welcome to our 10-week Art Exploration Course! Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of visual arts with our comprehensive program designed to ignite your passion for drawing, sculpting, and painting.

In this immersive course, you will embark on a transformative journey led by seasoned artist Maree.

Each week, you'll delve into a different aspect of artistry, honing your skills and discovering new techniques that will bring your artistic visions to life.

Week 1: Life Drawing Learn the fundamentals of figure drawing as you capture the essence of the human form.

Week 2: Reworking Discover the art of reworking existing pieces as we take a second look at your life drawing work from week 1.

Week 3: Sculpting Enter the realm of three-dimensional artistry as you sculpt with clay, inspired by your reworked drawings from week 2.

Week 4: Lino Printing Discover another medium as we embark on the art of Lino cutting, teaching techniques from carving through to ink print making.

Week 5: Texture Painting Unlock the power of colour and texture as you delve into the world of painting.

Week 6-10: Advanced Techniques and Refinement Refine your skills and explore advanced techniques as we re-engage with the processes of weeks 1-5.

Join us on this artistic adventure and unleash your creative potential! No prior experience is necessary—just bring your passion and enthusiasm for art. 

Need to know:

Class commences Wednesday 6pm July 3rd

Classes run weekly on Wednesday’s 6pm in person at our studio on Karen Ave, Mermaid Beach

The course comprises of 10 sessions from July 3rd until September 4th

Book your spot now and embark on a transformative journey that will inspire and empower you to create masterpieces!

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